Monday, June 16, 2008


So tonights theme was smell.

They both involve me... smelling... because I don't really care that much about my hygiene. I typically care enough that I don't get marked as "the smelly guy" but it's well known that I don't shower every day and I wear lots of clothes with holes in them. So that's that. Ha ha

Mine is just me sitting there happily while Jessica scolds me and Jessica apparently made a deodorant ad? The frolicking part is because I enjoy frolicking through nature.
Jessica's is awesome, let me just say. I probably would have done a better job but I really didn't think about it and I didn't think Jessica was gonna post tonight, ha ha.

Anyways, smell you later!


PS MGS 4 is amazing! At least I thought so. But don't play it if you don't like stories.


Kiah said...

I'm often amused by how similar your palettes are on each illustration haha

Awesome job as always! :O

Kirbyoto said...

but billy i DO like stories

just not five hours of unplayable stories

Ver Milion said...

Ha ha yeah I noticed that too. Maybe are minds are connected!

Also, most stories are unplayable anyways.