Saturday, July 5, 2008

Work in progress?

Technically it's just a sketch, but I already started painting it. I just didn't want to show a half done painting. I'll finish it tomorrow and post that.

Tomorrow Yan Yu and I will finally be doing a real theme. Ha ha.

That's all!



My friends mom got me a few freelance jobs doing some designs, of which this is one. These are some logo ideas for the header of an online magazine called "Mused". I'll get a link tomorrow when I'm not sleepy.

I don't know which one they'll choose or if they'll choose one but it was fun anyways! The word logo itself is kind of hard to read. I should have put an outline around it.

Yan Yu is in New York until Saturday, but hopefully by Sunday or Monday we'll be doing our normal posting thing.

Have a great day or night!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

More doodles/sketches

I have access to a scanner again! Woo!

So originally I was only going to post the sketch of the robot, but then I just started doodling later in the day. I ended up drawing Yan Yu... again. I liked the sketch, particularly of the head, so I decided to scan that and colour that too.

Then when they were next to each other it didn't look right with just the sketch of the robot, so I scribbled in some colour.

Anyways, the reason we haven't been topic posting together is because Yan Yu hasn't had very good internet connection, so we haven't been able to discuss topics. But at least we're posting! Ha ha.

Hope you enjoy,


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I started a bunch of things today and nothing was really coming out right. I blame lack of motivation. Plus I just want to draw in pencil but I need my scanner for that! Ha ha. Ah well. It's something!

Yan Yu and I have been posting separately but... we'll get back on top eventually probably!


My internets died again

Lulz. Couldn't resist adding a frame.

Nothing to say today, really. Except that I didn't do more than one sketch. Uhh Internet is back up tonight but now I'm just too lazy to start the next one, considering that it's night time already. The character drawn originally had just William's hair and glasses, but now I guess it might as well just be him. HAR HAR. Original is here.

-Yan yu


Pasjdsakhzrogglefroggle, internet is back up--but by the time it was, it was already too late to go onto the computer in the other room to scan and then send to my email, then paint. Oh well. I was playing with gouache again today but I didn't like how some of the things had come out. Ehh. Anyways I had intended to post up at least 3 sketches today but that... failed. At least I did one~ D: Tomorrow I'll try to do at least 2. Though I'm not sure how that'll come out, considering that I have to babysit.

-Yan yu

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Not much of a post tonight. I was kind of lazy and Yan Yu's internet was being wonky again! So she hasn't been able to get up ons.

Not only that but I was really lazy with mine. Took maybe 20 minutes, ha ha. I'm in New Hampshire right now for vacationing and for some reason it makes me not feel like working. Ha ha.


Monday, June 30, 2008


Lazy! That's what Yan Yu is, missing three nights in a row. Oh well.

I was feeling lazy today and I thought "I'll do that as a topic." Though by the time I started this I wasn't lazy anymore, so that's good.

I was watching Noein today and I was studying the composition. You have to be so clever with your composition when you're doing wide screen format. I noticed that a lot of the compositions made good use of foreshortening and perspective.

Anyways that's all. If we're lucky Yan Yu will have two for us tomorrow.