Friday, June 20, 2008

Steam punk.

We decided to do the them "steam punk" because Jessica and I were designing steam punk robots for a story our friend Mike is working on with Jessica. I had an idea related to it but Jessica didn't really. I said, 'Ok... the theme is 'new dress'?" So it kind of was? But Jessica just redesigned the girl she drew yesterday. Which is fine too!

I drew one of the robots I came up with being dressed up... in a dress. Ha ha. That's all I suppose.



Thursday, June 19, 2008


We were out in Marlborough all day today and got home pretty late, exhausted. William suggested to do some color roughs and experiment with it--we had almost done the same character we had in mind.
William would've gone further with his but he liked the look of it being rough. I took a little longer (as expected, but not meaning to) mostly because I wanted to continue experimenting. Setting the color layer as "addition" makes a pretty cool effect. O:
Anyways, that's it for the night. PS I find the blog title posts kind of amusing, haha: "Quick--Escape frustrated YELLOW smell!"


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Tonight's theme was "escape". Jessica drew a runaway merchant person who's escaping her original city for a more prosperous place.

Mine involves two people who were fighting, and the guy was losing so his friend flies in and saves him? Escape!

I like them both but I kind of got lazy on mine due to not sleeping enough lately. Ha ha.

Anyways, that's all! Good night friends.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Clouds from Sam Miller on Vimeo

William and I were working on some sweet backgrounds when both of our computers had crashed--first his, and then mine. It's so strange. There's not really much else to say. Both of us have lost our motivation for the night; sorry for the disappointment.

Instead, here's an animation both of us really like. Enjoy it!


Monday, June 16, 2008


Tonight's theme was white when we started.

So I'm at Jessica's house now! For the week. And uhh... yeah! We'll still be updating though. Not much else to say.



Edit; The girl looked like a d00d in mine, so I changed it a bit. ;D! That is all. -Jessica.


So tonights theme was smell.

They both involve me... smelling... because I don't really care that much about my hygiene. I typically care enough that I don't get marked as "the smelly guy" but it's well known that I don't shower every day and I wear lots of clothes with holes in them. So that's that. Ha ha

Mine is just me sitting there happily while Jessica scolds me and Jessica apparently made a deodorant ad? The frolicking part is because I enjoy frolicking through nature.
Jessica's is awesome, let me just say. I probably would have done a better job but I really didn't think about it and I didn't think Jessica was gonna post tonight, ha ha.

Anyways, smell you later!


PS MGS 4 is amazing! At least I thought so. But don't play it if you don't like stories.