Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My friend Matt asked me to draw his character Maia, and thus I did!

This is his drawing:


Monday, August 25, 2008

daily is dead

Uuuhm.. William's been working on Para-Ten as well as other short comics and I had lost my tablet pen. :| I wanted to get come illustration done digitally BUT I GUESS THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN NOW FOR AWHILE. Or at least until I gain access to the computer labs at AIB. Which won't be until september. Which... is another thing haha. William had packed up and moved and I'll be doing the same in a week. I've been rushing to get my new ID and cellphone in on time as well as packing up.
Some good news is that I've learned how to do animation in flash! So expect some posts with animation done both digitally and in pencil during the school year. I figure since we don't have time for daily posts anymore we'd post things we'll be working on during the school year (it will be interesting, trust me :>). And maybe a weekly illustration instead of daily. Also! I've started working on a comic with a friend, and William and I have been planning on working on an animation project together.

ps. I went on vacation last week--
Never go to the beach at night if you're alone. It's kind of overwhelmingly creepy. D:

Friday, August 8, 2008


I chose the theme "Make-up", and William and I both ended up doing a humorous illustration for it. William's is so funny that it makes me glad I chose tonight's theme, hahaha. Makeup is applied on her face by a friend and it's her furst tyme, so she's all anxious. Hahaha. Reminds you of Earthbound's sexy laydeez, yeah?
I really like the color composition and how the oranges on it balanced out in William's. he's been trying to add warmer colors to his paintings since he feels his colors are too desaturated. Hmhm, also he used photoshop on this sketch. Can you tell the difference? :D I think it looks neat. I really like flat brushes.
Mine was finished because I was feeling cruddy about a majority of my other drawings. D: I hadn't done anything really satisfying in a long time.. so I worked this one to a more finished point, and I'm glad I did. Also I started playing with effects on photoshop and I really like that warm feel. I did a old summery photograph-type painting in my deviant art.. it's ok.. but I want to redo another one and this time with William's characters from Para-Ten in it. Hahaha. So it's fanart and experimentation, two in one. Yeah!
William picked out the colors on the shirt and hat of my drawing. It's so cute. :>

Also today we realized that the colors we pick out for our drawings are opposites (warm vs. cool). I think it's funny how it's always like that in the most trivial manner. Haha.


-Yan yu

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I also spew but to a lesser extent.

The second image is a character from Skullgirls

That's all?

My comic work has been taking the desire to do illustrations out of me. Ha ha.


I spew.

I really need to draw more men. q.q;

Also I created a deviant art account! Although there's nothing there that hasn't appeared on the sketch yet. D: There will.. someday..

.. !!

Anyways it's here:


-Yan yu


I'm procrastinatin' reeeeeeally badly on the updates. *sheepish grin*

-yan yu

Friday, July 25, 2008



Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today's theme was chosen by Yan Yu on account of my accordion coming today! I've been wanting one for a while so I'm glad I finally got one. It's kind of difficult but I'm catching on pretty quickly since I can already play piano and I know lots of music theory.

Anyways, Yan Yu made a jazz trio. I think it's pretty cool, she got tired of it by the end though.

I drew... a city. Because I need practice with that sort of thing and I was in the mood tonight. It would have been a perfect theme to do a character but I decided not to tonight. Ha ha. There is an instrument though... if you look closely. Ha ha.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


Children petting their pets. Or other people's pets. Haha. William chose this theme because he petted a kitty today~

My mom thought that William's drawing was me since I have similar clothes.
Also, I really like suspenders. :>
And I hate how I drew his head. It doesn't look right.

-Yan yu

Friday, July 18, 2008


Tonights theme was town! I have been drawing a lot so I was too tired to do a real town. =/ They are complicated so I just made ant town... ha ha. With my character Shirona there. It's kind of a cop out but I like it anyways!

Yan Yu made a wonderful painting of us jumping down a hill in a Spanish town. It's from a dream she had! I'm enjoying the textures she's been using lately.

That's all!

-Sweet William, the sweetest of Williams, son of Sveet Vilhelm, descendant of Thor

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It was just begging to be finished! D:<

-Yan yu

Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Originally my drawing was pencil, but then I wasn't thinking and felt like going over it with ink, until during about halfway through I remembered that I wasn't supposed to do that. Oops? Also there's even some sketching in pencil. It turns out I just drew the way I normally do, hahaha.

William made some awesome ink drawings with his brush: a thumbnail of a girl in some scenery, William playing an accordian, me, a girl playing piano/yelling at old people, etcccccccc. He says he wants to do a short comic in this style sometime.

That's it for tonight. :>

-Yan yu


Yeah! Happiness!

...we need to start updating again. Ha ha.


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Pico, my dear rabbit, died today at 5:30 PM. Some boy up the street thought it would be funny to let his dog loose and chase him. =/ This wasn't the first time, I warned him that Pico might die if he does that, and now he finally has. I'm sad he had to go this way, I'll miss every part of him..

Pico used to love tucking his head under my arm or dress, then give me banana-lipped kisses. Since he loves bananas so much. Haha. I'll always remember that. He's such a beautiful and well-behaved rabbit.

Edit; My friend (and future roommate) Mando drew Pico as well! He's never got the chance to meet him, I was going to bring him to Boston with me in my dorm but that's not going to happen. Anyways he loves Pico from the stories I tell of him and feels terrible that he's gone now. I appreciate the art. <3

Edit 2: I (William) drew a picture of Pico too. I loved how he hopped, so I drew that.

Edit 3; My friend Ria drew Pico and I. I always did like kissing him with my nose, haha. She's also my roommate for the following semester. Thanks Ria~ <3>

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kids at the pool

I went to Davis' Farmland today since my little brother wanted to go. I drew some kids at the water playground.

1. A toddler with high pigtails. She cries a lot.
2. This girl was waiting for the bucket on the top of a tower to fill up and spill over. The way she waited anxiously for it made me chuckle.
3. An enthusiastic but chubby toddler. He runs funny.
4. A cute little girl with diapers and a bucket hat.
5. Back view of bucket hat girl.
6. This kid had really square hair. It was weird.
7. Back view of girl with ponytail. I liked her ribbon.
8. Big cheeks!
9. She sat like this for the LONGEST time. I ate a snack, drew her and finished, and she was still in that position.
10. Shy girl with short flowy blonde hair.
11. A dark skinned kid, and his
12. dark skinned sister.
13. This boy was really evil looking for some reason. I'm pretty sure I've got his face right.
14. His asian best friend!

-Yan yu

Ready for school!

Yeah! I'm excited for the next semester in school, even though it's still two months away. Yan Yu and I are both anxious to get back and do some animation! I'm really looking forward to increasing my knowledge of animation, learning to colour them and all that.

Speaking of Yan Yu, I don't know where she is! It's 11:36PM now and she hasn't been online. =/ I'm sure she has a good reason but we're supposed to get together tomorrow and we needed to consolidate our plans! Ha ha. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a hold of her before it is too late....

Oh yeah! I got some bristol board today. I was all out so that was bad. In celebration I penciled two pages of Para-Ten, inked one, and started inking the next! I want to start workign harder and maybe get two pages done a week and even do some more side comics... on the side.

I also got a new brush, which is nice because my other brush worked but the hairs were bent at an awkward angle from sticking it un-carefully in my back pack. =/ It cost almost 15 dollars! But it's worth it since it's really the only brush I need and it can get really fine lines or really thick ones. Hopefully the price means it will last for a while. If anyone was curious it's a Windsor and Newton brand round sable brush, size 2.

Let's see if I can keep working hard! My heart is shining!



William chose to do mountains because he was in the mood to do backgrounds. It's Paveline but with longer hair! She's sitting on a hill or something, looking at mountains I think. I think he did very well, it looks so finished and I really love the tree.
I just drew mountains more as a subject rather than a setting. It's a place I made up? I was going to put a boy riding some animal in the sky with his back facing us, but there wasn't enough time. So I just left a title. Maybe I'll do it some other time and post in the near future. Also I think this is my biggest drawing of all the ones in this blog. Uh, that's all I guess. :O

-Yan yu

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Work in progress?

Technically it's just a sketch, but I already started painting it. I just didn't want to show a half done painting. I'll finish it tomorrow and post that.

Tomorrow Yan Yu and I will finally be doing a real theme. Ha ha.

That's all!



My friends mom got me a few freelance jobs doing some designs, of which this is one. These are some logo ideas for the header of an online magazine called "Mused". I'll get a link tomorrow when I'm not sleepy.

I don't know which one they'll choose or if they'll choose one but it was fun anyways! The word logo itself is kind of hard to read. I should have put an outline around it.

Yan Yu is in New York until Saturday, but hopefully by Sunday or Monday we'll be doing our normal posting thing.

Have a great day or night!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

More doodles/sketches

I have access to a scanner again! Woo!

So originally I was only going to post the sketch of the robot, but then I just started doodling later in the day. I ended up drawing Yan Yu... again. I liked the sketch, particularly of the head, so I decided to scan that and colour that too.

Then when they were next to each other it didn't look right with just the sketch of the robot, so I scribbled in some colour.

Anyways, the reason we haven't been topic posting together is because Yan Yu hasn't had very good internet connection, so we haven't been able to discuss topics. But at least we're posting! Ha ha.

Hope you enjoy,


Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I started a bunch of things today and nothing was really coming out right. I blame lack of motivation. Plus I just want to draw in pencil but I need my scanner for that! Ha ha. Ah well. It's something!

Yan Yu and I have been posting separately but... we'll get back on top eventually probably!


My internets died again

Lulz. Couldn't resist adding a frame.

Nothing to say today, really. Except that I didn't do more than one sketch. Uhh Internet is back up tonight but now I'm just too lazy to start the next one, considering that it's night time already. The character drawn originally had just William's hair and glasses, but now I guess it might as well just be him. HAR HAR. Original is here.

-Yan yu


Pasjdsakhzrogglefroggle, internet is back up--but by the time it was, it was already too late to go onto the computer in the other room to scan and then send to my email, then paint. Oh well. I was playing with gouache again today but I didn't like how some of the things had come out. Ehh. Anyways I had intended to post up at least 3 sketches today but that... failed. At least I did one~ D: Tomorrow I'll try to do at least 2. Though I'm not sure how that'll come out, considering that I have to babysit.

-Yan yu

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Not much of a post tonight. I was kind of lazy and Yan Yu's internet was being wonky again! So she hasn't been able to get up ons.

Not only that but I was really lazy with mine. Took maybe 20 minutes, ha ha. I'm in New Hampshire right now for vacationing and for some reason it makes me not feel like working. Ha ha.


Monday, June 30, 2008


Lazy! That's what Yan Yu is, missing three nights in a row. Oh well.

I was feeling lazy today and I thought "I'll do that as a topic." Though by the time I started this I wasn't lazy anymore, so that's good.

I was watching Noein today and I was studying the composition. You have to be so clever with your composition when you're doing wide screen format. I noticed that a lot of the compositions made good use of foreshortening and perspective.

Anyways that's all. If we're lucky Yan Yu will have two for us tomorrow.


Saturday, June 28, 2008


Floating! I enjoyed this one. I actually drew mine and then thought of the theme. Ha ha.

Mine is just Yan Yu and I, in some kind of fantasy outfits for some reason. Because I thought it'd be cool! Ha ha.

Yan Yu's features her mom looking for her to do work, while Yan Yu floats around in la-la land.

Not much else to say! Yan Yu is coming over tomorrow and we're going to a friend's birthday party so that's cool!



Friday, June 27, 2008


Mike suggested to do "wallop". William's was quick, about 20-30 minutes. He says that's what he'd like to do to me because I have bad AIM habits. ;(
I don't know how long mine took, but I was watching a george carlin marathon (poor guy.. he had a heart failure) while drawing. Thus William wanting to wallop me in the head because I had ignored him for about two hours. Haha.

-Yan Yu

Thursday, June 26, 2008

More sketches

We wanted a break from themes and decided to post some sketches that have been going on in our heads. Tomorrow we may do something digital again. William did some more concept design for upcoming Para-Ten chapters.. the type of stuff I should be working on because I pay so much attention to just faces without context. D: zxnmbzxn!
I've noticed that I've been using bigger and bigger noses with each passing drawing, because I've realized that no matter how ugly you make it, nobody will notice because all the attention is on the eyes, lips and hair. Hah! So it's fun being able to play with nose shapes. William's been doing the same thing as well. Go experimenting! I added a lot of drawings in one post to make up for the entries I've missed. D'aw.

Some useless facts:
1. Bottom right is based on William (hair, glasses)
2. Bottom left looks like what William would draw
3. A friend, Mike, mentioned that I look like the top right. Another friend, Mando, agrees.. saying that the lips look like mine. I think they do, I'm not sure. He said people tend to draw features of themselves into their drawings. I agree because William's drawings are point and sharp JUST LIKE HIM.
4. Top left actually looks more like William, because of the chipper expression. Harhar.
On an irrelevant note, I really hate my name. Jessica. What does the name Jessica remind you of--Jessica Simpson? Porn stars? Or just about every other girl since it's such a common name? Either way, I don't like the way it sounds. For some reason nobody has ever used my chinese name; not even my family. And a couple of people have told me that they wished my name was chinese--which I do have! But is never used. So I'm going to try and enforce it. It'll be hilariously ironic because everyone will call me by it except for my azn family. So yeah, starting from today I'm no longer Jessica on this blog. I'm Yan Yu. Got it? get it? good!

-Yan Yu

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Jessica was gonna post too but her connection was lost for a while and also her scanner wasn't working anyways.

So here we have a character concept sketch I did for a future Para-Ten chapter. I like how it came out, and it's different from the stuff I've been drawing the past... months. Ha ha.

I really haven't done a good male character design in a long time, and for some reason I often limit myself to clothes that fit the character, so it's good to variate. Not only that but it's a nice pencil drawing which I used to do all the time and don't do nearly enough any more. Years ago I was almost exclusively pencil, ha ha.

I think one of the reasons I more easily got away from my usual stuff is that I know that in the chapter, Paveline is gonna be there. She will satiate my need to draw a pretty girl type character so it leaves me open to all other sorts of people. It's a lot of fun to draw more "geometric" characters like this guy here and his coat. Ha ha.

Have a great day or night everyone!


Sunday, June 22, 2008


Tonights theme was "moon" just because... it came to me. Ha ha. Originally I thought of doing "folk tale" but that's kind of complicated. It takes Jessica long enough to think of an idea with these simple topics, it'd probably take her eight hours! Ha ha.

We both did really similar compositions. I don't have much else to say about them though. Tomorrow I go back home from Jessica's house, boo hoo!

That's all



William and I were discussing about hill billies, banjoes, fried chicken and watermelon today--which, coincidently, was what we had for dinner the following night.. rsrsrsrs. Anyways, that led to the south being our theme. Except right when I was halfway done with mine my computer crashed again. I think I'll cry about it in my blog tonight! :

;( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1TEAR.

lulz neways srsly, I think this means I need to start saving more often. Or somebody will die!

William drew me as a hill billy because we were talking about how it would be funny if he played his banjo in his straw hat, and that I'd be standing next to him with broken teeth and disheveled hair. I find it hilarious... also that outfit was pretty much what I wore today.
Perhaps we'll dress up like that and sit on a porch someday. Just for giggles, you know.

No offense to any southerners that see this, really. DURR HUR!