Thursday, July 10, 2008


Pico, my dear rabbit, died today at 5:30 PM. Some boy up the street thought it would be funny to let his dog loose and chase him. =/ This wasn't the first time, I warned him that Pico might die if he does that, and now he finally has. I'm sad he had to go this way, I'll miss every part of him..

Pico used to love tucking his head under my arm or dress, then give me banana-lipped kisses. Since he loves bananas so much. Haha. I'll always remember that. He's such a beautiful and well-behaved rabbit.

Edit; My friend (and future roommate) Mando drew Pico as well! He's never got the chance to meet him, I was going to bring him to Boston with me in my dorm but that's not going to happen. Anyways he loves Pico from the stories I tell of him and feels terrible that he's gone now. I appreciate the art. <3

Edit 2: I (William) drew a picture of Pico too. I loved how he hopped, so I drew that.

Edit 3; My friend Ria drew Pico and I. I always did like kissing him with my nose, haha. She's also my roommate for the following semester. Thanks Ria~ <3>


Silentiea said...

And how does the dog's family feel about all this?

Ver Milion said...

He came down with his mom apologizing. Only I wasn't there.. so what I hear from my mom was, "They were really sorry and they looked like they were about to cry."

Which is hard to imagine since that kid is so doofy and never serious..

-Yan yu

Ryan said...

Aww poor bunny :(
I am curious now boys and girls can dorm together?

Kiah said...

Poor little rabbit. I never met him, but he sounds like a wonderful friend. May he have space to hop, bananas to munch, and a lovely safe place to rest in the afterlife.

RIP Pico

Escaz said...

I'm sorry to hear about your rabbit Pico, he must've been pretty amazing-- losing a friend is always so hard =(.

Ver Milion said...

Ryan: Actually it's a little complicated.. I don't know how I would explain it. Haha