Monday, July 7, 2008

Ready for school!

Yeah! I'm excited for the next semester in school, even though it's still two months away. Yan Yu and I are both anxious to get back and do some animation! I'm really looking forward to increasing my knowledge of animation, learning to colour them and all that.

Speaking of Yan Yu, I don't know where she is! It's 11:36PM now and she hasn't been online. =/ I'm sure she has a good reason but we're supposed to get together tomorrow and we needed to consolidate our plans! Ha ha. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a hold of her before it is too late....

Oh yeah! I got some bristol board today. I was all out so that was bad. In celebration I penciled two pages of Para-Ten, inked one, and started inking the next! I want to start workign harder and maybe get two pages done a week and even do some more side comics... on the side.

I also got a new brush, which is nice because my other brush worked but the hairs were bent at an awkward angle from sticking it un-carefully in my back pack. =/ It cost almost 15 dollars! But it's worth it since it's really the only brush I need and it can get really fine lines or really thick ones. Hopefully the price means it will last for a while. If anyone was curious it's a Windsor and Newton brand round sable brush, size 2.

Let's see if I can keep working hard! My heart is shining!


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