Thursday, July 10, 2008


Pico, my dear rabbit, died today at 5:30 PM. Some boy up the street thought it would be funny to let his dog loose and chase him. =/ This wasn't the first time, I warned him that Pico might die if he does that, and now he finally has. I'm sad he had to go this way, I'll miss every part of him..

Pico used to love tucking his head under my arm or dress, then give me banana-lipped kisses. Since he loves bananas so much. Haha. I'll always remember that. He's such a beautiful and well-behaved rabbit.

Edit; My friend (and future roommate) Mando drew Pico as well! He's never got the chance to meet him, I was going to bring him to Boston with me in my dorm but that's not going to happen. Anyways he loves Pico from the stories I tell of him and feels terrible that he's gone now. I appreciate the art. <3

Edit 2: I (William) drew a picture of Pico too. I loved how he hopped, so I drew that.

Edit 3; My friend Ria drew Pico and I. I always did like kissing him with my nose, haha. She's also my roommate for the following semester. Thanks Ria~ <3>

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kids at the pool

I went to Davis' Farmland today since my little brother wanted to go. I drew some kids at the water playground.

1. A toddler with high pigtails. She cries a lot.
2. This girl was waiting for the bucket on the top of a tower to fill up and spill over. The way she waited anxiously for it made me chuckle.
3. An enthusiastic but chubby toddler. He runs funny.
4. A cute little girl with diapers and a bucket hat.
5. Back view of bucket hat girl.
6. This kid had really square hair. It was weird.
7. Back view of girl with ponytail. I liked her ribbon.
8. Big cheeks!
9. She sat like this for the LONGEST time. I ate a snack, drew her and finished, and she was still in that position.
10. Shy girl with short flowy blonde hair.
11. A dark skinned kid, and his
12. dark skinned sister.
13. This boy was really evil looking for some reason. I'm pretty sure I've got his face right.
14. His asian best friend!

-Yan yu

Ready for school!

Yeah! I'm excited for the next semester in school, even though it's still two months away. Yan Yu and I are both anxious to get back and do some animation! I'm really looking forward to increasing my knowledge of animation, learning to colour them and all that.

Speaking of Yan Yu, I don't know where she is! It's 11:36PM now and she hasn't been online. =/ I'm sure she has a good reason but we're supposed to get together tomorrow and we needed to consolidate our plans! Ha ha. Oh well, hopefully I'll get a hold of her before it is too late....

Oh yeah! I got some bristol board today. I was all out so that was bad. In celebration I penciled two pages of Para-Ten, inked one, and started inking the next! I want to start workign harder and maybe get two pages done a week and even do some more side comics... on the side.

I also got a new brush, which is nice because my other brush worked but the hairs were bent at an awkward angle from sticking it un-carefully in my back pack. =/ It cost almost 15 dollars! But it's worth it since it's really the only brush I need and it can get really fine lines or really thick ones. Hopefully the price means it will last for a while. If anyone was curious it's a Windsor and Newton brand round sable brush, size 2.

Let's see if I can keep working hard! My heart is shining!



William chose to do mountains because he was in the mood to do backgrounds. It's Paveline but with longer hair! She's sitting on a hill or something, looking at mountains I think. I think he did very well, it looks so finished and I really love the tree.
I just drew mountains more as a subject rather than a setting. It's a place I made up? I was going to put a boy riding some animal in the sky with his back facing us, but there wasn't enough time. So I just left a title. Maybe I'll do it some other time and post in the near future. Also I think this is my biggest drawing of all the ones in this blog. Uh, that's all I guess. :O

-Yan yu