Monday, July 7, 2008

Kids at the pool

I went to Davis' Farmland today since my little brother wanted to go. I drew some kids at the water playground.

1. A toddler with high pigtails. She cries a lot.
2. This girl was waiting for the bucket on the top of a tower to fill up and spill over. The way she waited anxiously for it made me chuckle.
3. An enthusiastic but chubby toddler. He runs funny.
4. A cute little girl with diapers and a bucket hat.
5. Back view of bucket hat girl.
6. This kid had really square hair. It was weird.
7. Back view of girl with ponytail. I liked her ribbon.
8. Big cheeks!
9. She sat like this for the LONGEST time. I ate a snack, drew her and finished, and she was still in that position.
10. Shy girl with short flowy blonde hair.
11. A dark skinned kid, and his
12. dark skinned sister.
13. This boy was really evil looking for some reason. I'm pretty sure I've got his face right.
14. His asian best friend!

-Yan yu

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