Thursday, June 26, 2008

More sketches

We wanted a break from themes and decided to post some sketches that have been going on in our heads. Tomorrow we may do something digital again. William did some more concept design for upcoming Para-Ten chapters.. the type of stuff I should be working on because I pay so much attention to just faces without context. D: zxnmbzxn!
I've noticed that I've been using bigger and bigger noses with each passing drawing, because I've realized that no matter how ugly you make it, nobody will notice because all the attention is on the eyes, lips and hair. Hah! So it's fun being able to play with nose shapes. William's been doing the same thing as well. Go experimenting! I added a lot of drawings in one post to make up for the entries I've missed. D'aw.

Some useless facts:
1. Bottom right is based on William (hair, glasses)
2. Bottom left looks like what William would draw
3. A friend, Mike, mentioned that I look like the top right. Another friend, Mando, agrees.. saying that the lips look like mine. I think they do, I'm not sure. He said people tend to draw features of themselves into their drawings. I agree because William's drawings are point and sharp JUST LIKE HIM.
4. Top left actually looks more like William, because of the chipper expression. Harhar.
On an irrelevant note, I really hate my name. Jessica. What does the name Jessica remind you of--Jessica Simpson? Porn stars? Or just about every other girl since it's such a common name? Either way, I don't like the way it sounds. For some reason nobody has ever used my chinese name; not even my family. And a couple of people have told me that they wished my name was chinese--which I do have! But is never used. So I'm going to try and enforce it. It'll be hilariously ironic because everyone will call me by it except for my azn family. So yeah, starting from today I'm no longer Jessica on this blog. I'm Yan Yu. Got it? get it? good!

-Yan Yu

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Christophe said...

Why no mo' Jessica? Why why?