Monday, August 25, 2008

daily is dead

Uuuhm.. William's been working on Para-Ten as well as other short comics and I had lost my tablet pen. :| I wanted to get come illustration done digitally BUT I GUESS THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN NOW FOR AWHILE. Or at least until I gain access to the computer labs at AIB. Which won't be until september. Which... is another thing haha. William had packed up and moved and I'll be doing the same in a week. I've been rushing to get my new ID and cellphone in on time as well as packing up.
Some good news is that I've learned how to do animation in flash! So expect some posts with animation done both digitally and in pencil during the school year. I figure since we don't have time for daily posts anymore we'd post things we'll be working on during the school year (it will be interesting, trust me :>). And maybe a weekly illustration instead of daily. Also! I've started working on a comic with a friend, and William and I have been planning on working on an animation project together.

ps. I went on vacation last week--
Never go to the beach at night if you're alone. It's kind of overwhelmingly creepy. D:

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