Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Pasjdsakhzrogglefroggle, internet is back up--but by the time it was, it was already too late to go onto the computer in the other room to scan and then send to my email, then paint. Oh well. I was playing with gouache again today but I didn't like how some of the things had come out. Ehh. Anyways I had intended to post up at least 3 sketches today but that... failed. At least I did one~ D: Tomorrow I'll try to do at least 2. Though I'm not sure how that'll come out, considering that I have to babysit.

-Yan yu


Silentiea said...

Looks like you were just too late. It says it was posted at 12 AM on Wednesday.

Ver Milion said...

Sigh..yeah ;^; Haha.