Thursday, July 3, 2008

More doodles/sketches

I have access to a scanner again! Woo!

So originally I was only going to post the sketch of the robot, but then I just started doodling later in the day. I ended up drawing Yan Yu... again. I liked the sketch, particularly of the head, so I decided to scan that and colour that too.

Then when they were next to each other it didn't look right with just the sketch of the robot, so I scribbled in some colour.

Anyways, the reason we haven't been topic posting together is because Yan Yu hasn't had very good internet connection, so we haven't been able to discuss topics. But at least we're posting! Ha ha.

Hope you enjoy,



Yan yu said...


Also. Why did you draw my mouth like that? ;( Haha.

William said...

Ha ha, well originally it didn't have the teeth which is more typical for you but then it seemed like a good idea to draw them in.

pascal said...

Hi guys!
Saw your post on Flight and checked your blog. You are mighty talented people!
I LOVE your blog. Please, keep it up and add to it.
It's really good and refreshing.

HO.. and I love your pictures!

William said...

Thanks for stopping by, Pascal! I've seen your work too and I like it a lot. It's nice to get some feedback.