Tuesday, July 15, 2008



Originally my drawing was pencil, but then I wasn't thinking and felt like going over it with ink, until during about halfway through I remembered that I wasn't supposed to do that. Oops? Also there's even some sketching in pencil. It turns out I just drew the way I normally do, hahaha.

William made some awesome ink drawings with his brush: a thumbnail of a girl in some scenery, William playing an accordian, me, a girl playing piano/yelling at old people, etcccccccc. He says he wants to do a short comic in this style sometime.

That's it for tonight. :>

-Yan yu


Kiah said...

I always love to see what Sweet Will can do with inks! It seems like he is at his most natural with them and on this one I'm strangely reminded of traditional japanese calligraphy and paintings.

Ryan said...

His comic was so awesome i loved it it is truly amazing. Painting in colours is harder than it looks. ^__^ good work keep its up :)