Friday, June 13, 2008


Lately I've been a little grumpy toward's America and the majority of its people--from youtoube comments and hipsters to the apathetic attitude towards global warming. Everyday I find things to make fun of: some weeks ago, William and I had gone food shopping and I had seen a hamburger balloon in the market nearby the barbeque sale section. Now not only did this make me laugh, that hamburger balloons actually exist, but only in America would you find that. I couldn't stop laughing so hard, my face turned red when I tried to tell William. The guy in front of us couldn't help but chuckle as well. He knows it's true. Oh, he
We were watching the Colbert Report today and decided to have America as the theme. Except William stole my joke/idea! It's making me miserable because mine looks like poop compared to his, since I didn't have enough time to do something pretty. Oh well, I don't care. *visible irritation* Haha.
By the way, Shangrilove and us have decided to do a giant group theme! It's pretty sweet. If you're hungry for more American satire, go check out their sketch blog at Shangrilove. No pun intended.

- Jessica


bobert said...

The irony here is that Jessica is wearing a hamburger swim ring in the header :P

Ashwara said...

Gahahaha you're right.

Jessica said...

Little did you know that the hamburger balloon contributed to the idea of a hamburger swim ring. ;o