Sunday, June 8, 2008


GOOD EVENIN'. Tonight--characters! Actually, William couldn't think of what to do this time, so I picked out tonight's theme again. Harharhar. Both of us like the topic though, so get off my back. :C
Anyways, William and I have some characters we had designed ourselves; we thought it would be fun to draw each other's since our styles are so different (his being thin and pointy, mine soft and round). I picked out Lapin for him, which is the purple girl in the hat. I had used her in an animation project of mine during the 2008 spring semester at AIB. She's from the mountains. :>
In return, I drew Paveline, who is a girl in William's comic book. If you want to check it out, go take a look at ! I've drawn her a couple times already but there's yet to be one with a full body shot of her.. I kind of cheated, drawing her as a child from earlier in the comic. The garments are much simpler, but eh. I think it's cute.

I suck at fast painting. ( ; ,,;) My figure drawing professor knows it, William knows it, I know it. ;(

- Jessica


Ver Milion said...

I know you didn't post this in the evening, little miss!

Ver Milion said...

I was up way past that, installing all the stuff into the blog. I've been meaning to do it and was in the mood anyways. );