Friday, August 8, 2008


I chose the theme "Make-up", and William and I both ended up doing a humorous illustration for it. William's is so funny that it makes me glad I chose tonight's theme, hahaha. Makeup is applied on her face by a friend and it's her furst tyme, so she's all anxious. Hahaha. Reminds you of Earthbound's sexy laydeez, yeah?
I really like the color composition and how the oranges on it balanced out in William's. he's been trying to add warmer colors to his paintings since he feels his colors are too desaturated. Hmhm, also he used photoshop on this sketch. Can you tell the difference? :D I think it looks neat. I really like flat brushes.
Mine was finished because I was feeling cruddy about a majority of my other drawings. D: I hadn't done anything really satisfying in a long time.. so I worked this one to a more finished point, and I'm glad I did. Also I started playing with effects on photoshop and I really like that warm feel. I did a old summery photograph-type painting in my deviant art.. it's ok.. but I want to redo another one and this time with William's characters from Para-Ten in it. Hahaha. So it's fanart and experimentation, two in one. Yeah!
William picked out the colors on the shirt and hat of my drawing. It's so cute. :>

Also today we realized that the colors we pick out for our drawings are opposites (warm vs. cool). I think it's funny how it's always like that in the most trivial manner. Haha.


-Yan yu


Silentiea said...

I would have expected at least one Joker out of this theme, if you two were slaves to the masses. Good on you.

Ver Milion said...

D: Stupid batman craze. It's just a movie! Haha. But thanks. :DD

-yan yu

Silentiea said...

Sure, Joker was cool, and all, but guess what:

Everything that was cool before him, IS STILL COOL! It's kinda scary to think about.

Kiah said...

I forgot to comment on how much I love this update! Yan Yu...the colours are just amazing, I dunno how you do it sometimes. Mucho impressive. And Sweet Will, amusing as always! Great sense of shape and light, my friend. :D